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A strong corporate culture of compliance, one that embraces ethics and compliance and leverages
that rigor for strategic advantage, always has several traits common to high-performance organizations.
The exact amounts of each trait will always vary from one business to the next, depending on each organization’s
specific resources, regulatory demands, and leadership.
But a strong culture of compliance always weaves certain strands of excellence into the picture.

In accordance with Regulations 22 (1) (a) of FIAML Regulations 2018 and the FSC Handbook, the Company has designated a Compliance Officer at senior management level and approved as officer under Section 24 of the FSA. The Compliance Officer (‘CO’) is responsible for the implementation and ongoing compliance with internal programmes, controls and procedures with the requirements of the FIAMLA and FIAML Regulations 2018.
Pursuant to Regulation 26(1) of the FIAML Regulations 2018, the Company has appointed a Money Laundering Reporting Officer (“MLRO”), to whom an internal report shall be made of any information or other matter which comes to the attention of any person handling a transaction and which, in the opinion of the person, gives rise to knowledge or reasonable suspicion that another person is engaged in money laundering or the financing of terrorism.

Our professionals bring deep experience in regulatory compliance, data analytics, and all facets of the financial services industry. We help clients comply with regulatory obligations, address enforcement actions, and implement customized policies and procedures. We know the importance of a strong business focused and timely compliance function for companies to navigate increasing regulatory obligations efficiently whilst enabling clients to access markets quickly and compliantly. Our clients include fund/asset managers, investment advisors and authorised companies.

Through our global program of compliance services, we can support clients to operate and meet their regulatory obligations across international financial hubs. We provide a single-source solution that covers the initial regulatory licensing process, through to ongoing compliance support and beyond.

Our specialists build a collaborative relationship with each client taking time to understand the business and define the
commensurate regulatory and compliance requirements.